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TV opportunities in the UK

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TV and effectiveness Britain is a nation of TV lovers, with recent research showing that for the last 10 years, viewers watch an average of 4 hours of TV on a daily basis. Even with the changing viewing patterns TV still delivers 76% of all Video viewing.

There are a number of great benefits to TV advertising,

  • TV delivers the highest profit on any medium
  • TV has the greatest reach of all media, building scale quickly and powerfully
  • TV analysis tools means you can focus buying where you audience is watching
  • The range of TV channels and programming means not only you can target demographically but you can creatively match your TV copy in the most effective programming environments
  • Using TV builds trust and credibility for you business
  • Generate talkability for your brand - TV is the most talked about media platform in the UK so it’s the number 1 choice to generate talkability for your brand
  • We know TV does not have to be a huge initial investment - we have launched many business’s with £20k tests which we have then scaled up to multimillion pound TV budgets

So whatever your ambition we have the expertise, systems and vision to achieve them so call us now – 08001337104

TV opportunities in the UK The UK is home to hundreds of commercial TV channels which provide a fantastic platform for advertisers to promote their business or products on. There is something for everyone:

  • A large national advertiser can air across 300+ channels and reach 96% of people in the UK in a month with a broad campaign
  • A smaller regional advertiser can use one channel to reach people within a short drive time from their store or Sky Adsmart to target specific audiences by Postcode areas
  • An online challenger brand can start advertising on small channels at a low capital cost to test, research and then scale
  • TV viewing has converged with online viewing, giving opportunities to advertise around live shows on TV or on-demand viewing platforms.

Overall, TV today is as popular as it was 10, 20 or 30 years ago, and it provides great entertainment for UK viewers, and fuels those ‘did you see that on TV last night’ conversations.

Whatever outcomes you want to achieve TV can deliver so call one of our friendly experts on 0800 1337104 and to find out how

An overview of the process

  1. We work with you to develop the brief both media and creative.
  2. TV strategy for growth with KPI’s agreed
  3. TV creative proposed and then approved
  4. A timeline is then produced to ensure the project is delivered on time
  5. TV media plans completed
  6. Budgets signed off
  7. Adverts developed and produced
  8. Adverts approved by clearcast ( and sent to all TV stations on media plan
  9. TV stations book the airtime and send it to us, we then make amends to airtime to make sure it’s the best it can be before we send the enhanced spot airtime to you.
  10. Campaign kicks off on air
  11. Daily improvements to campaign are made if required
  12. Post-campaign analysis (buying reviews) are completed delivering data about KPI delivery
  13. The analysis is taken to form the heart of the planning for future campaigns.